Boston Marathon, Let’s Stop The Madness

Those who know me know I am a life-long runner. Although I don’t really compete any longer I still do a little jogging, even joining an occasional race.  Like so many the cowardly attack at the Boston Marathon has left me with a heavy heart. Many folks way more eloquent than me have made some great statements in support of all those touched by the tragedy of the bombing. All those who rushed into the face of danger to aid those injured in the explosion are true heroes and the very essence of what makes humanity great.

But there is an ugly under-belly coming out in response to bombing, the vilifying of immigrants and those of middle-eastern decent and in some cases those who just look like they might be “Non-American”. The extreme right–wing, conservative media types are fanning the flames.  We have all seen or heard about the bloggers and television media that supports them demanding deportation and some suggesting “just kill them all”. That sort of irresponsible journalism – if you can call it that is lighting the fuse for many to go on the hunt for foreigners.

I got a taste of such a group whom confronted me in the parking lot as I left Jason’s Deli. Claiming to be patriots they want to let me know “ you damn camel jockeys will get yours soon enough. We will kill as many of you as we can and send the survivors back to Iraq or Saudi Arabia”. I had to laugh when I told them I’m not middle-eastern you dumb-fucks and I left.

What really worries me is what will happen when the responsible party for the bombing is finally caught. If they are not Caucasian will it be open season on those of color?

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