Adios Texas

Adios Texas, the time has come for me to exit stage right. Austin I‘m going to miss you.
Well to be perfectly honest Austin I miss the city you were when I was growing up in South Austin. Way back then South Congress & IH 35 was the edge of civilization to the south. Oak Hill was just a truck stop cafe and Hwy 183 was the far northern border of Austin.
So much has changed; you’re all grown up now. You’re a big city now growing in leaps and bounds, with tall buildings and a huge neighborhood spread. To me you’ve become a huge crowded, uncomfortable, unaffordable, out of controllable city with little concern for whom you run over or what you may destroy in the process. Austin sad to say you are losing many of those things that made you special aka “weird”.

I, on the other hand, well, I’m a little worse for wear, I’m still weird as ever, but I’m still standing.

I consider myself lucky. I was probably the last generation to grow-up living a “Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn”- like childhood. I can remember when Barton Creek, Onion Creek and Bull Creek always had clear flowing water and fish – even in the summer and not due to flash flooding! If one was so inclined you could float almost all the way down said creeks or you could camp & fishing in them.
I’m leaving Texas with a head – full of riches & wealth, golden memories of times gone by; those shiny, sparkly things that make me smile.
I can remember as a kid walking by and hearing the honky-tonk music coming out of Flossie’s Bar. I remember milk in glass bottles from the Old Bossy Dairy Store on South Congress, the soda fountain at Sanders Drug Store with Cherry Coke made to order. I remember earning 50ç an hour sweeping the floors of the feed store where Guero’s sits now and using 25ç of that to see a movie at The Austin Theater. I have a treasure chest of youthful memories spent drinking Shiner & Lone Star beer while listening to live music at The Armadillo World Headquarters, Soap Creek Saloon, Liberty Lunch, The Continental Club, Antone’s, Rome Inn and the Austin Aqua-Fest.
I’ll remember and miss my friends & family. I’ll miss my cycling peeps and our sprints for the city limit signs. I’ll remember my running buddies – doing sprint work never hurt so good. Of course, my fellow soccer addicts – who never met a margarita they didn’t like. Who could forget my sometimes nutty motorcycle buds (you guys stay out of Waco) and last but not least my Music/Comedy/ Artist friends – you keep Austin real and are truly the soul of the city.

That’s the Austin I will always remember.

A strong desire to wander tells me the time has come for me to find more new shiny things to collect. I’m ready to explore new places, ride my bike down new roads & trails, run races in new places, listen to new bands & music, shoot new photos and see sunsets in new places, wherever they are, while I still have some time… like the rest of my life.

Adios Texas, I promise not to let the door hit me on the ass on my way out.

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