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American Latino is my view of the world today. So who am I is the question you may have. I am David Laguna, a first generation American of Mexican decent. My grandmother came to the United States in 1917 in a covered wagon; my mother was just three months old at that time.

I grew up in Austin Texas, it shaped who I became as I grew up.  I’ve been described as a Latino “Forest Gump”; I’ve worn a lot of shoes. I’ve been an athlete, motorcycle racer, a firefighter, para-legal, bailiff, small business owner, and photographer/writer. In my travels I have covered the USA coast-to-coast and border-to-border. The diversity of our country is amazing and awe-inspiring. Perhaps the one thing that stood out to me the most was how Latinos have spread across the country. No longer are Latinos just migrant farm workers, laborers, etc. Today’s Latinos are in all walks of life professionally. There is a little Forest Gump in many of us.

So welcome to my page, this is my view of an assortment of things in life. Things like the news, informative things, fun things, serious things, entertaining things and sometimes just weird, random things that come across my path…Come see the world through my brown eyes.